#Humankind Alliance#ThankfulThursday would like to highlight both the heroic and generous contributions of our #law enforcement #heroes during a challenging 2020. From providing aid to the most vulnerable during the #COVID-19 pandemic to throwing birthday party parades for kids homebound. 

Here are some stories of the excellent work our #law enforcement #heroes do every day across the country:

Alabama: #Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Seller created weekly interactive reading, singing, and magic videos for homebound children.

Colorado:  Due to COVID-19, #Arvada Police Department made sure that Susie Montoya celebrated her 102nd birthday by delivering her favorite, cherry pies along with members of the community to wish her a wonderful birthday.

Florida: #Miami Police Department Officer Raymon Washington befriends 17 year-old Michael Marshall who had attacked him at a #Black Lives Matter protest. Michael wept as he read a letter of apology to Officer Washington. Both have since formed a friendship and now Officer Washington is a mentor to Michael.

Oregon: #Oregon deputies from Gilliam, Morrow, and Sherman counties and a State of Oregon trooper coordinated a carpool to give a young man a “relay-race” ride home to make sure he would arrive safely from a court appearance. The night before, Marvin had walked from Portland to Pendleton for a court appearance the next morning.

To read the full stories from the rest of the country: