A Random Act of Kindness

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to recognize the kindness and generosity of a little boy named Jeremiah for delivering Easter dinner to Newport News, Virginia Police Officer E. Beganovic and his partner. Jeremiah told the officers that he noticed them on patrol and wanted to bring them some Easter dinner.

Officer Beganovic posted on his department’s Facebook page, “My heart is full! This is an elementary school student and I am so touched by him!! You made my day Jeremiah!! You are going to grow up and become an amazing man!!”

To date, the Facebook post has generated more than 4,000 views and hundreds of likes from people across the country.

Officer Beganovic believes the department’s community-focused policing has left a positive impression in their community as evidenced by Jeremiah’s act of kindness.

Officer Beganovic wanted to leave Jeremiah with this message, “Jeremiah, with your gesture, with what you did. I think we’re just going to keep going in that direction and positively affect our community.”

He hopes to see Jeremiah and thank him for the meal. Officer Beganovic said, “It was delicious by the way, he even brought a silver fork. So, I owe his mom a silver fork back.”