A Trooper’s Good Deed

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to commend Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) Officer Chris Hanover for going above and beyond the call of duty when Andrea Derksen had a flat tire while driving to work.
In a letter to the OHP to express her gratitude about the actions of  OHP Officer Hanover, he told Andrea that her spare tire was not in much better condition than her flat tire.
“He took me to a local tire shop and not only helped me get my blown tire fixed, but he also bought 2 other tires that I desperately needed. Officer Chris Hanover, what you did for me was a big deal, and I can’t thank you enough!” said Andrea.
Comments have flooded to the OHP Facebook post, giving kudos to Officer Hanover. Some even shared their own stories of how officers helped them when they were in need. In one Facebook comment, “I had an OHP Trooper do the same for me. These men keep us safe in more ways than we know.”