Humankind Alliance



We are about coming together. 

We are about breaking down the barriers that separate communities from law enforcement. 

We are about helping to teach women to slay their own dragons and take agency in their own empowerment.

We are about everyone coming together for a bolder, wiser, and more evolved world.

We are one organization with two initiatives to unite communities.



Hi, I’m Janice Niederhofer. As a woman who has had to break through multiple barriers to become a distinguished law enforcement veteran, I am in a unique position to recognize the divide we have in today’s world between communities and law enforcement and the challenges women face to climb the leadership ladder.

With those challenges in mind, in 2016 I  established Humankind Alliance–a unique organization that provides free training for law enforcement and the communities they serve PLUS leadership training for women. Each program takes a page or two out of my background for a truly unique experience.

Podcast:  Listen to this inspirational podcast by Janice about her life and the incredible mission of Humankind Alliance.



At Humankind Alliance we believe that strong connections make strong communities in which every person–regardless of gender, race, career, or class–is an integral and vital contributor.  It takes all of us, operating as a nation, at our highest potential and working together to address the modern challenges that we face to rebuild a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding. From this foundation we can come together as humankind, and forge solutions to large scale challenges.




Humankind Alliance