Atlanta Police Officer Donates Own Car to Family of Five

As part of #HumankindAlliance, #ThankfulThursday, we would like to highlight the efforts of #AtlantaPolice Department Officer Veronica Campbell who went above and beyond the call of duty when she donated her own car to a mother of five who had recently fled a #domesticabuse situation. 

The #family joined Officer Campbell and a group of other officers when she handed the keys to the mom and said, “This is for you. I want you to take a look at the black vehicle.” The mom, who asked not to be identified said, “Strangers will go a long way to help you more than anyone else so this is a true blessing.” 

“I’m always trying to find different ways I can #give and #help people. I had a vehicle and I just decided to give it to her and she would be able to put it to better use than me. I chose this family due to the previous interactions that I had with them, because I knew that this mother needed a new lease on life. It will also help the family get back on their feet after fleeing from #domesticviolence. She needed to know that the #AtlantaPolice Department had officers  willing to make the #sacrifice when they go out into the #community.

As a police athletic league officer, Officer Campbell mentors youth at the #AtlantaPoliceFoundation, #At-Promise Center. She also has established youth scholarships and provided children with tons of Christmas gifts. “No matter who you are, we all can give a #helpinghand during this #pandemic.  

“To me that’s big. It’s #service before self. When you sign up to be a #lawenforcementofficer that’s what you’re there to do,” said Officer Campbell.