Donut Boy

This week’s “Thankful Thursday’ would like to honor 10-year-old Tyler Carach from Bratt, Florida who at 8 years old wanted to thank cops across the nation with doughnuts.  While at a coffee shop with his mother, he asked if he could buy donuts for four deputies who were eating there. […]

Neighborhood Policing

This week’s “THANKFUL THURSDAY” would like to commend the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) comprehensive crime-fighting strategy called Neighborhood Policing. This innovative plan is built to improve communication and collaboration between the police officers and the community and ultimately decrease crime. In 2017, the NYPD saw its lowest violent crime […]

Honoring Devonte Hart

This picture of Devonte Hart and Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum embracing in a hug at a Portland, Oregon rally, circulated the news and became a symbol of hope. With constant media attention focusing on violence and tragedy between law enforcement and the communities they serve, this picture welcomed a […]