In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Lindsay Hartmann has endured a bout with Covid-19, a job loss and a cross-country move. Meanwhile, her Marine husband was reported to orders in Pensacola, FL. In late May, the stop move orders for military members were lifted. In June, the couple bought their first house together near the base […]

A Deputy’s Surprise Gesture

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to highlight a random act of kindness that Lee County, Alabama Deputy Manuel Stone recently experienced and how three strangers made his day with this simple gesture. Deputy Manuel Stone was taking his lunch break in uniform when three teenage girls approached him.They handed him […]

A Letter to the American Public: Why Her Family Waves at Cops

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like everyone to read this letter from the perspective of a police officer’s spouse. Her journey begins with supporting her husband’s need to serve his community to the job’s long-term effects on their family. See link:

A Way to Unite the Community

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to highlight the efforts of Stephania Ergemilidze who wanted to ease the tensions between the police and protesters. Stephania watched in shock as people were looting and destroying businesses across the region and said she was inspired to do something. “I decided I would be taking […]

Moments of Connection During Protests

Amidst the civil unrest stemming from the death of George Floyd, this week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to highlight moments of connection  between the police, activists, and protesters who are seen kneeling and hugging in solidarity. Go to the below link for some of these Twitter moments: