#Humankind Alliance#ThankfulThursday would like to highlight both the heroic and generous contributions of our #law enforcement #heroes during a challenging 2020. From providing aid to the most vulnerable during the #COVID-19 pandemic to throwing birthday party parades for kids homebound.  Here are some stories of the excellent work our #law enforcement #heroes do every day […]

Building Empathy Between Law Enforcement and Communities

#Humankindalliance#ThankfulThursday would like to highlight the extraordinary efforts of the #Irondale Ensemble Project through its theatrical program, “To Protect, Serve, and Understand”. Since 2015, the #Irondale Ensemble Project has been working with #NewYork Police Department officers, using theatrical improvisation to build #communication and #empathy between #officers and the #communities they are charged […]

A Young Boy’s Gift of Gratitude

#HumankindAlliance #ThankfulThursday would like to highlight the efforts of a 8-year old boy named Christian who wanted to show his #gratitude to the #PhoenixPoliceDepartment by sharing something near and dear to him – candy. Christian wanted to express his #appreciation to the officers for all the hard work they do to keep his #community #safe. […]

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to recognize the amazing efforts of Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office Detective Frank Corona for bringing comfort and relief to retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Faleskie after a burglary at his home which resulted in the theft of over ten thousand dollars worth of items […]

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

This week’s ” Thankful Thursday” would like to convene our utmost sympathy for the loss of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, where she sat on the federal bench for twenty-five years. In 1993, she became the second woman ever to serve on the United States Supreme […]