CHP: The Importance of Community Outreach

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to highlight the community outreach efforts of the California Highway Patrol’s Bicycle Unit for the Truckee, CA area. We met Sgt. Bryan Yops, Officers Chris Patton and Sean Armacher, who were on patrol bringing awareness to a recently installed and much needed traffic stop sign in a local Tahoe City neighborhood. A number of residents came by expressing their appreciation for their presence and support of their community during these difficult times. Each of these officers value the importance of community outreach and the necessity of their presence ranging from interactions with the local residents to being problem solvers for their respectives communities.

They wholeheartedly voiced their concern for the change of public perception for the men and women who serve in law enforcement. They made it clear that what happened to George Floyd was wrong. Here at Humankind Alliance, we’ve come to know there is nothing a good cop hates more than a bad cop. And these community servants confirmed this!

CHP is a strong community who are proud to serve, humble in their actions and eager to receive feedback from the public. We discussed how the three main elements of a successful law enforcement agency are outstanding: hiring practices, integrative training and leadership.

We thank these officers for their dedication, continued service, ability to relate to their community and sense of humor.