Community and Law Enforcement Working Together

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to commend the Dodgeville Police Department in Wisconsin for their amazing response to help Mary, an elderly woman recovering from cancer. During an extremely hot day in Dodgeville, someone from the community had learned that Mary’s air conditioning unit at her home had stopped working. Multiple neighbors nearby and police officers responded within hours to help Mary stay cool.

When Lt. Brandon Wilhelm heard that Mary’s air conditioning unit broke down in her home, they posted on the department’s Facebook page asking for community assistance on behalf of Mary. The post read as follows:

The Dodgeville Police Department just received a report of an elderly female, with cancer, whose air conditioner stopped working. Before we purchase a replacement for her, we are reaching out to see if anyone has a window air conditioner available for temporary use. Installation would be completed by our Officers ASAP. Please message the department by this evening (Saturday) if you can help!

***We are also able to pick up within a 60 mile radius*** Air conditioner would be returned to you once the issue with the current air conditioner is resolved. A badge sticker will be provided!!

Within 10 minutes, 15 people responded to the Facebook post, each willing to give up their own air conditioning units. That afternoon, Officer Blake Weier picked up one of the units and installed it at Mary’s home.

“Before we know it, we had an air conditioner here ready to be installed, and the temperature began cooling down the house, and things appear to be going well,” said Officer Weier.

The Dodgeville Police Department posted their response to the community of Dodgeville:

What a community we live in! Within ten minutes of our post we had 15 people willing to give up their air conditioners! I bet we would have had over a hundred by tonight! Our Officer is currently working with one of those kind people to get the air conditioner installed. Thanks so much to everyone that reached out! Please let us know if you know of someone in need of an air conditioner. I will likely have a list a mile long of available units!!

Mary was incredibly grateful for the help she received from both the police department and the Dodgeville community.