Thankful Thursday

Community Outreach: Unique Approach

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to celebrate the unique approach police departments in Denver, CO; Oak Park, MI; Boston, MA; Toledo, OH; Phoenix, AZ; St. Louis, MS and other cities are using to bridge the gap and improve relationships with their communities. Here are some of the departments’s comments on this approach:

As part of Denver Police Department fleet, the Copsicle Cruiser is the department’s continued community outreach programs to build positive relationships within their community. “The police department has put tremendous effort into doing this with our partners at Safeway, but it also helps our officers bridge the gaps with community they serve.

The Toledo Police Department has cruised neighborhoods in their new ice cream truck as a community service tool to positively interact with the citizens of Toledo and to deliver ice cream to children as a way to build on those relationships.

As part of an initiative for the Oak Park Police Department, their own ice cream truck will serve to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. The department had the only police ice cream truck in the state of Michigan, which was funded through donations by local businesses.

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