Board of Advisors 2


Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors includes some of the most magnificent minds of our time. Each member offers unique insight and expertise. Humankind Alliance relies on these varying perspectives to solve the pressing issues that we face as a nation.

ROBERT L. BECKMAN, Ph.D. and Chief Knowledge Officer, Foundation for the Study of Inflammatory Disease. He is part of a nationwide Coalition focused on ending the servicemember suicide epidemic through clinical research and healing TBI and PTSD in brain-injured wounded warriors. He is responsible for sustaining the national network of hyperbaric clinics as well as architecting the technology platform for data collection and analysis. 

Dr. Beckman has been building knowledge management systems most of his professional career, primarily in the Intelligence Community and DOD. He has participated in and led revolutionary efforts in Strategic Planning, organizational and management reengineering, knowledge based targeting and decision support, competitive intelligence, war room development, targeting and thwarting foreign targeting of US assets, fraud detection, counter drug, counter terror, and money laundering and organized crime investigations. He was a senior member of an elite data integration effort for the counter-intelligence (CI) and counterterrorism (CT) communities, and has built an “insider threat” prototype for law enforcement entities engaged in CI, CT and homeland security. 

Dr. Beckman had an extensive academic and publishing career, as well as being a co-owner of consulting and software companies. His American University PhD is in International Relations and he is an expert on nuclear non-proliferation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI/PTSD/Concussion, and knowledge management. He is a former USAF KC-135 pilot and a Vietnam Veteran. He is married and has three sons.