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Mass Shooting Guide 11-23

5 Simple Steps to Prevent a Mass Shooting:

 Help end this epidemic!

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Help put an end to mass shootings with your 

5 Simple Steps to Prevent a Mass Shooting Guide.

Nearly everyday there's a new incident and these tragedies are becoming all too common.

We must stand up and face this together as ONE Community.

Together, let's mobilize America to take back our power and help put a stop to this needless loss of life.

What can you do?

 Families and communities are being destroyed by these horrible incidents.

There is clear evidence that many mass shooters give clear signs in advance of these incidents.

Unfortunately, these clear signs tend to be recognized after the incident, rather than before. 

In this call to action, we will show you exactly what you can do to become more aware,

get involved, and bring change to your community.

What will these steps provide you?

  • What you can do when you notice a clue no matter how insignificant, that can make the difference.
  • You'll begin to realize how important it is to be aware of your surroundings.
  • How to support law enforcement in their efforts to stop this overwhelming epidemic.
  • With these first steps you'll have a plan and a basis for conversations with others in your life and community about this important topic.

Who Are We?

We are about breaking down the barriers that separate communities from law enforcement.

We are about everyone coming together for a bolder, wiser and more evolved world. 

We are about coming together as ONE Community.

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