Heroic Efforts of 911 Dispatcher Tim Teneyck

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to commend the actions of Tim Teneyck, a 911 dispatcher from Oregon, Ohio for his quick response and recognizing that the caller was truly in a dangerous situation. A call was received from a young woman who told Teneyck that she wanted to order a pizza. A few minutes into the conversation with the young woman, Teneyck realized it was not a call to order a pizza. Teneyck initially told the young woman that she was calling 911 to order a pizza, but her response was immediate, “No, you’re not understanding.” Tim proceeded to question the young woman further to determine the magnitude of the situation. Tim believed it to be an incident of alleged domestic abuse. 
When he dispatched the police, he made sure the officers understood that this was an alleged situation of domestic violence. “Alright, turn your sirens off before you get there. Caller ordered a pizza, and agreed with everything I said. There’s domestic violence going on.”
According to the Oregon Police Department, a 38-year-old woman called 911 when her mother’s boyfriend, Simon Ray Lopez, came home intoxicated. He allegedly punched the caller’s mother, 57, in the arm and pushed her around the house while yelling that he was going to hurt her. 
“911 dispatchers handle these calls and don’t get the recognition for their work. Someone else could’ve dropped this call, but this is nothing that any other dispatcher across the US couldn’t have handled.” said Teneyck.