In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Lindsay Hartmann has endured a bout with Covid-19, a job loss and a cross-country move. Meanwhile, her Marine husband was reported to orders in Pensacola, FL. In late May, the stop move orders for military members were lifted. In June, the couple bought their first house together near the base in Pensacola. Hartmann is still searching for a fundraising job, although she recently took on part-time contract work.

Hartmann’s situation is similar to many military families across the country. Even in a so-called normal economy, military spouses have a hard time finding work, since they move so often. Moving is now even more expensive, making families worried about what the military will reimburse. There is an extreme demand on military spouses to uphold the responsibilities of a household. With COVID-19 the responsibilities of home schooling and other unique challenges have soared.

Military families are suffering.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, to families who have offered their undying support and sacrifice to our nation, we at Humankind Alliance thank you for your dedication and we have heard you. We recognize your unique place in this new abnormal, and we are here to help lift your burdens. 

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