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James Wagstaffe


Recipient of the 2017 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award, Jim Wagstaffe, is a highly accomplished and decorated attorney. Jim graduated with Distinction from Stanford University in 1977 and received his J.D. from Hastings College of the Law in 1980. He is partner and co-founder of WVBR Law LLP. Jim handles a diverse range of litigation matters and also leads the firm’s successful Federal Practice Group. He has an impressive resumé of high profile trials and litigations, notable publications, prestigious awards, and unparalleled experience. In 2016-2017 Jim protected civil rights, privacy, and media integrity with some incredible trial and litigation victories. Below are a few of many highlights from this past year:
  • Tenborg v. CalCoastNews jury verdict for $1.1 million – widely covered by local news outlets, and in New York Times; largest libel verdict in San Luis Obispo County history; standing up to fake news.
  • State Bar adv. Sanders trial victory in invasion of privacy and big data lawsuit; State Bar privacy designed to protect privacy rights of people of color who provided demographic data and to be free from UCLA law professor’s “mismatch” racially-biased research.
  • Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn v. City of Vallejo – representing clients in high profile civil rights and defamation lawsuit based on Vallejo Police Department’s false reports and accusations that clients faked a kidnapping when, in fact, kidnapper was ultimately arrested and convicted of the crime.
  • Opperman v. Apple invasion of privacy class action based on unauthorized downloading of address books when consumers made purchases from the Apple App Store; resulting in multi-million-dollar settlement against app providers who had accessed private address books without consent of app purchasers.
Jim passes his hard earned knowledge and experience forward as a professor. Jim teaches at Stanford University, Hastings College of the Law, and San Francisco State University and received Teacher of the Year Award, from Hastings College in 2002 and 2007. Additionally, Jim delivers over 200 presentations to federal judges across the country (including presentations to every Circuit and annually to the New Judge’s Workshop in Washington, D.C) and received the John R. Brown Award – The Federal Judicial Center’s award for the best teacher in the country of federal judges.
Jim is the author of many notable books and publications and contributes to the law in academia and practice. Jim is the author of, The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial (LexisNexis 2017).  This content rich guide is 3,700 pages, 3-volumes, and the online version contains over 180 embedded instructional videos.  Jim author’s Current Awareness for LexisNexis, a daily online reporting service on litigation cases and trends, as well as California Trial Evidence (PLI 2013), and Romancing the Room (Random House 2002). Mr. James Wagstaffe graciously volunteered his time and expertise to the Board of Directors of Humankind Alliance because he strongly believes in its mission.
For additional information about Mr. Wagstaffe, please visit his Linkedin. 

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