Jeanne Allen – Board Treasurer

Jeanne Allen


Jeanne Allen is the Treasurer of the Humankind Alliance’s (HA) Board of Directors. Jeanne brings experience from her long career as a Federal Government Professional with over thirty-eight years of law enforcement experience as a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in addition to sixteen years in recruitment, selection and hiring as the Recruitment Coordinator for the Northern California Region. Jeanne retired in 2016 and joined the HA Board when Founder, friend, and fellow special agent Janice Niederhofer shared her mission and vision for change. Jeanne joined without hesitation and has been an active and dedicated member since the beginning.

In 2020, Jeanne was nominated for the 2020 “Excellence in Board Leadership” award with the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership’s (CVNL)!

Jeanne was an exceptional agent and was repeatedly recognized for her dedication, performance, and advocacy; receiving many honors and awards throughout her career. Jeanne’s 2013 award for Outstanding Advocate for Women in Federal Law Enforcement highlights her dedication to service and equality; values that are prominent tenants throughout HA. Jeanne’s experience has been and continues to be key in creating and implementing training’s as she has a keen understanding of the modern challenges faced by both communities and law enforcement personnel.

Jeanne currently works as the Chief Operating Officer for Undercover Rose, Inc. (UR) which supports women in unmasking their true potential through cutting edge events, training’s, and consulting. Jeanne’s experience at UR have been vital in informing the business practices at HA and have helped to shape the Women’s Scholarship Programs.

Beyond her service in Law Enforcement and her experience in business, Jeanne has a big heart and is an active volunteer in her hometown of Petaluma, CA. Jeanne coordinates adoptions and community outreach for animals at local non-profits Petaluma Animal Services Foundation. This experience makes Jeanne uniquely qualified to serve on the Board as she is responsible for training volunteers, participating in fundraisers, and engaging with the community. Jeanne is a pivotal member of the Board and HA is fortunate to have her!

For additional information about Jeanne Allen, please visit her LinkedIn.

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