Offer of Police Support for Seniors At Risk For COVID-19

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to commend the Troy, Missouri Police Department for offering to help senior members of their community who are at risk for COVID-19. 

Officers with the Troy Police Department have volunteered their time for these high-risk community members by offering to pick up and deliver their medical prescriptions and/or any personal supplies they may need. 

“What we’ve kind of run into is that there may be some HIPPA issues that we’re going to have to work around as far as medication is concerned. So maybe it’s a situation where we can just pick the individuals up and take them to the pharmacy and let them get their own medication and we just take them home. We want to help our community in any way we possibly can,” said Detective Tony Steward.

“I think it’s a great idea, I really do. Something that needs to be done. Behind closed doors in neighborhoods in Troy there may be older adults too worried about catching the coronavirus, to leave their homes,” said senior citizen Terry Truden.

According to the department’s Facebook post, “We live in a great community. Times like this help pull us together and we are able to see how lucky we truly are to have a community that rallies around one another to get through any crisis. We at the Troy Police Department, have no doubt that we will pull through this crisis and be stronger and more united than ever.”