Our Programs

Our programs deliver the highest quality education, events, and training for individuals, communities, and cultural groups, uniting and empowering them to forge solutions both as individuals as well as a collective.


Law Enforcement – Community Initiative

Our country is facing incomprehensible challenges, paramount among them the disintegration of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The results: loss of life on both sides of this complex issue. Many live in fear that their interactions with law enforcement will result in unjust punishment, or worse, death.

Law enforcement (itself) is up against an unfathomable reality that has never before existed in the history of our country – assassination by the very public they serve. Men and women behind the badge are concerned and disheartened by the fact that the police badge, which once stood for service and protection, now tragically represents the deeply entrenched inequalities that our country struggles with across the board.

There is no time to place blame, only time for solutions. HA is resolved to re-establish a foundation of peace through our THRIVE and RENEW programs. Working hand-in-hand, with  understanding and respect, we will effect extraordinary change in our communities.


Women’s Scholarship Initiative

This one-of-a-kind concept was originally designed for Undercover Rose, Inc. (UR), a for-profit company by Founder, Janice Niederhofer. UR’s Operation – Beyond the Trenches is designed to engage influential women who have a global impact, creating a ripple effect of collaboration and empowerment amongst all women throughout the world.

Humankind Alliance and Undercover Rose have come together to educate and inspire women by recognizing that we are all equal, and on this journey of life together. In furtherance of these foci, HA has created a scholarship program whereby the women who have completed the UR Operation – Beyond the Trenches, become mentors in support of the scholarship recipients: women in professions of service. This innovative experience guides all women to be their true selves, and use the power of collaboration to foster a bold, wise, and evolved world.

Women in fields of service are vital to communities across the nation. They are your child’s teacher, your father’s caregiver, your sister’s nurse, the soldier protecting your freedom, and the woman in law enforcement who keeps your neighborhood safe. These women are rarely recognized for their contributions to the world, but are dedicated public servants. Here at HA, we know that these women are leaders. Their intimate roles in the lives of others gives them an immense capacity to create change. We are dedicated to providing these women with the skills and tools to help them grow and develop as individuals and as leaders.

We deliver these tools in a non-traditional and exciting way through our Operation – Beyond the Trenches: Women’s Scholarship Program.