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Team Members

Marc Cohen


Marc Cohen has over 4 decades of experience as a global multi billion dollar international leader with top-level billion dollar business organizations, executives and business owners. As Founder, CEO Buy Direct Development Companies.

Marc’s current focus is assisting businesses with the 5 NEEDED CORE TRAITS. 1. Integrity 2. Accountability 3. Diligence 4. Perseverance 5. Discipline. Marc’s spiritual passion involves GLOBAL LEGACY BUILDING around Family, Business, and Humanity.

Expertise in areas of Healthcare, International Network Marketing, Real Estate, E- Mobile Platform, Global Merchant Processing, Global Supplement Manufacturing, Cyber Technology, Food and Apparel.

Robert L. Schmidt


Robert L. Schmidt is CEO and Executive Director of the Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA). He oversees all aspects of the organization, supported by a small, dedicated staff.

For more than 35 years, he has made his mark as a nationally recognized leader and innovator, developing and operating companies in foreign and domestic markets and building strong business and government relationships. Schmidt’s previous leadership experience has spanned the fields of telecommunications, cable television and legislative and administrative law, to name a few.

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