Law Enforcement – Community Initiative

Law Enforcement – Community Initiative


THRIVE provides law enforcement across the country modernized/standardized trainings regardless of size, budget, and expertise of agencies. The outcome is cutting-edge, comprehensive training programs that are easily disseminated and implemented.

THRIVE addresses critical challenges including adept communication, trauma recovery, navigating public mental health, and more. Influential community members integrate into THRIVE trainings, creating mutual understanding, humanizing law enforcement, and empowering transparency capable of collapsing walls previously formed.


RENEW provides comprehensive educational programs for communities creating awareness into how and why men and women behind the badge operate, empowering civilians to work together with them to forge a peaceful and safer country.

RENEW embraces social media by implementing a forum for immediate feedback from civilians directly to law enforcement and vice-versa. This open forum fosters collaboration, increases transparency, and helps to recognize challenges and navigate solutions in real time.

Humankind Alliance’s initiatives empower people to come together in dedication to solutions no matter how turbulent the waters, resulting in a ripple effect towards positive change and inevitably influencing other important underlying issues we face as a society.