Troy Police Department Pawfficer Donut

This week’s “Thankful Thursday” would like to honor Pawfficer Donut of the Troy Police Department, who recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as a police cat. The department brought her on board as a means of creating positive interactions and to make a difference in the community. This started as a challenge to grow the Troy Police Department’s Twitter account. The department said they would get a police cat if they got 10,000 new followers by April 2018. Not only did they reach that goal, the department now has exceeded 13,000 followers, many of them asking for regular updates on Pawfficer Donut. Her only job is to bring joy to officers and community members alike.

Pawfficer Donut was originally rescued from the Michigan Humane Society and subsequently attended the department’s special “Police Acatemy” to get ready to hit the streets for pawtrol. The Troy Police Department said, “Aspiring police cats everywhere are counting on Pawfficer Donut to succeed.”

Pawfficer Donut loves being photographed and is adored by her thousands of fans on the department’s Twitter account.