Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Humankind Alliance!

Volunteering for Humankind Alliance is more than just a good thing to do, it is an opportunity to work on a powerful team that is inspiring our nation to move forward with unity! Volunteers are a vital part of our organization. Many of our most important positions are held by dedicated people who have a strong desire to contribute to finding solutions and forging a bolder, wiser and more evolved world.

If you are interested in volunteering please send your resumé to: jeanne@humankindalliance.org . In the subject line, include your name and the position you are interested in.

Don’t see a position that interests you but still want to get involved? Email us your resumé and let us know how you would like to contribute to our dynamic team.


Humankind Alliance is seeking a talented, self-motivated, creative, and inspired artist/animator to bring one of our projects to life! We have written a script and outlined a storyboard that we aim to create into a short animated piece (2-3 minutes). This video will introduce HA to the wide world of social media with the aim of creating a viral following. Your contribution will help us spread HA’s mission and vision globally, allowing us to affect change on a broader scale! Join us in uniting communities and forging solutions to large scale challenges!

Grant Writer

The Volunteer Grant Writer is primarily responsible for developing and writing grant proposals to foundations, government agencies, and other grant-making organizations, and will persuasively communicate Humankind Alliance’s mission and programs to potential funders. Working alongside the executive team, the Grant Writer will assemble and submit grant requests, establish and maintain personal contact and relationships with contacts, conduct prospect research, and maintain a calendar of submissions and other deadlines. You must be self motivated, organized, and possess excellent writing skills. Your contribution to Humankind Alliance will allow the organization to develop, grow, and disseminate programs nationwide!

Social Media Strategist

Humankind Alliance is seeking a Social Media Strategist to expand our digital marketing capabilities and increase our reach and impact. We have just scratched the surface of the social media world and we are looking for someone who can fully utilize the capabilities of social media to move forward our mission and vision.

Applicants should be self-motivated, analytically-minded with experience structuring, evaluating and optimizing social media campaigns across various social media platforms. Candidates must be versed in the most up-to-date social media trends that have are proven to be successful. Qualified candidates should have extensive knowledge in digital marketing and a deep understanding of analytics to run successful campaigns. In addition to your analytical knowledge, experience as a creative social communicator is important. You will be a part of a collaborative, creative workflow process, contributing to both the qualitative (and quantitative) analysis and strategic planning to help determine communication pipelines to increase engagement, following, and impact.

Website Manager

The web designer will update, maintain, and keep secure the Humankind Alliance website; www.humankindalliance.org. Candidates must have knowledge and skill in WordPress and be able create, edit, and design new pages as necessary. The web designer will provide their expertise in design in order to best present Humankind Alliance’s mission, vision, and programs to the public. The web designer will work alongside the executive and creative teams to keep the site up-to-date and functioning properly. Expertise in cyber-security would be a preferred but is not required.

Computer Security Specialist

Important to our success is the ability to seamlessly work all aspects of our technology and protect our privacy and data. Humankind Alliance is seeking an IT specialist/Cyber Security Expert to help create, implement, and maintain information technology systems that will allow our company to move forward with ease and peace of mind. Components of IT responsibilities include but are not limited to: website security, digital training implementation and security, G-Suite for business, domain maintenance, email forwarding, office technology maintenance, and more. 


Video messaging and information is a primary part of Humankind Alliance’s service delivery. We are seeking a videographer and editor to film and create professional video products for all of our various needs; from social media, marketing, live streams, video library of information, board and staff features, live event filming that is edited into digital training modules, and more. This is a vital part of our work. Multiple volunteer positions may be available in this category.


Written material is large component of our work. Humankind Alliance is seeking a writer/editor to create content, website and social media copy, video scripts, book chapters, blogs, and more. Writing projects are daily endeavors and range from small to large. Multiple volunteers are needed and various writing backgrounds and expertise are welcome.

Keynote Speech Writer

Humankind Alliance’s inspiring CEO, Janice Niederhofer, a decorated, retired special agent with the DEA contributes to our mission and vision in many ways; one important aspect is Keynote Speaking. Janice delivers powerful information to various law enforcement associations, private sector affiliates, and community action groups in order to bring together the various viewpoints surrounding law enforcement and community relations. To most effectively deliver this information, Humankind Alliance is seeking a keynote speech writer to support Janice. Volunteers should have knowledge of law enforcement and the present issues and a background in writing (speech writing preferred).

Writer/Editor for THRIVE and RENEW Training Material

THRIVE and RENEW are robust trainings with various content writing needs, from live training scripts, to digital workbooks, evaluations, and more. Volunteers will work alongside our CEO to create the training materials and should have a thorough understanding of Humankind Alliance the challenges we aim to address. This is a collaborative process with the goal of creating engaging, informative, and entertaining training materials.

Training/Event Planner

Humankind Alliance’s trainings require an incredible amount of planning and organization. We are seeking an event planner to help design, organize, and implement our live THRIVE trainings as well our Women’s Scholarship Programs. Locations, meals, sponsors, event collateral, marketing, and more are all components of the position. Volunteers should have a background in high-end event planning and be able to juggle multiple things at once.