Wende Copfer- Board Member

Wende Copfer – Board Member

Wende Copfer is a founding Board member, bringing with her expertise in design and marketing. Wende has 20 years of experience as a designer, creative leader and storyteller working at the convergence of art, technology and science. Her work is versatile, imaginative and thoughtful. Wende is the creator of our impressive Humankind Alliance Logo and continues to guide the Board and organization on branding, design, and marketing. She is a true creative genius with a keen eye on social trends.

Wende attended the School of Visual Concepts for Graphic Design as well as The Lake Washington Technical College where she studied architecture. Wende worked as the Creative Director for two companies before moving to Microsoft where she worked in various senior and director level positions for a culmination of eight years. She then took a position with Allovus as the Creative Director and in 2016 Wende returned to Microsoft to assume the impressive role of MSR Creative Director. She continues to lead her team conducting research in graphic, communication, and industrial design.

In addition to being extremely creatively and technically savvy, Wendy has tremendous leadership skills and has been a mentor to many. Her giving heart has led Wende to pro-bono work for causes that she cares about. One such contribution was when Wende used her design skills to support the nonprofit, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

Since the onset of HA, Wende has shared her extreme enthusiasm. She welcomed the opportunity to get involved and her contributions have already made an immense impact.  Her expertise is vital to the organization and her designs are the proud and recognizable face of HA.