Women’s Scholarship Programs – Operation – Beyond the Trenches

Operation – Beyond the Trenches

Women’s Scholarship Program

Operation – Beyond the Trenches is an unparalleled, transformative and unique experience for women who are powerful forces of service; nurses, wounded warriors, teachers, caregivers and law enforcement. Women who have chosen these career fields dedicate much of their lives to others. They commonly work long, arduous hours, sacrificing their own needs, and their compensation rarely meets their level of service. Here at HA we recognize this vital populace of dedicated women and have created a scholarship endowment in support of their personal and professional development regardless of financial ability.

In this three day, three night, 5-star event, scholarship recipients discover new modes of operation through fun, cutting-edge expertise historically only offered to top-tier operatives. Participants tackle challenges like never before, getting to play and explore new things while engaging with and learning from extraordinary trainers and speakers. Attendees from the same career field undergo this transformative journey together, further building camaraderie.

Operation – Beyond the Trenches is a real-life metaphor that delivers strategies and tools immediately applicable to both their business and personal lives. Through multi-dimensional growth in this one-of-a-kind event, women expand their voices and amplify their cognitive, physiological, and instinctual capabilities. Women are guided to be their best selves while competing with other women, all while collaborating and raising up the very women they are competing with.



Every woman plays an integral role in the world. When women from all walks of life come together and unite through collaborative transformation, powerful influence is born!